Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Way Thursday: The Beige Poncho

Beige Poncho
Half of the time when I pick the Three Way Thursday item it is because I think the item is cute and the other half of the time I pick it because I think it's cute but I wonder how to wear it more than one way. The latter applies to this poncho. Luckily for me S and I totally handled this challenge like the pros that they are.

The first look is sweet and girlie and I love the lady bag! This outfit is a two for one deal because the skirt is actually a dress!


This second look is little more hip. I love the contrast of the material of the poncho against the animal print skirt.

The last look seemed like a great idea before we got hit with a 90+ degree heatwave in California. Seriously what is up with this weather. Shouldn't it be raining already....Sigh..

Anyway, at least we're helping you prep for when the weather actually does what it's supposed to.

Bag//Pants//OTK Boots//Scarf

Will you be picking up any of the items above? Let me know how you would wear this poncho in the comments.

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