Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Sales

So now that we are all sufficiently stuffed it's time to work some of that turkey or tofurkey off and what better way than to go do some laps around the mall.

Windsor has some midnight openings happening and it's time to get your New Year's Dress for 20% off!
Here is a list of our store hours. The stores in red are braving the crowds and the weather and opening at midnight! Say hello to all our associates!

Palm Desert 5am-9pm
Thousand Oaks 12am-9pm
Montclair 12am-10pm
Northridge 5am-10
Cerritos 12am-10
Rancho Cucamonga 12am-9pm
Chino Hills 5am-9pm
Arcadia 12am-10pm
Torrance 4am-10pm
West Covina 12am-10pm
Glendale 12am-10pm
Brea 4am-9pm
Henderson 12am-10pm
Redondo Beach 6am-10pm
Riverside 12am-9pm
Roseville  12am-10pm
Pleasanton 4am-10pm
Ann Arbor 4am-10pm
Auburn Hills 12am-10pm
Orange 12am-10pm
Elizabeth 12am-10pm
Katy 12am-10pm
Fort Worth 12am-9pm
Jacksonville 4am-10pm
Meriden 5am-10pm
Hurst 4am-10pm
Lakewood 12am-10pm
Chandler 12am-9pm
Las Vegas 12am
Toledo 12am-10pm
Irvine 8am-10pm
Sterling Heights 12am-10pm
Gurnee 4am-10
Chicago Ridge 12am-10pm
Brookfield 5am-10pm
Dallas 8am-10pm
Lombard 12am-10pm
Fort Wayne 4am-10pm
Glendale 12am-9pm
Corona 7am-9pm
Brandon 5am-10pm
Topanga 7am-10pm
National City 12am-11pm
Daytona Beach 4am-10pm
 Arlington 12am-9pm
Orland Park 4am-10pm
Rockford 4am-10pm
Fairview Heights 5am-10pm
Overland Park 7am-10pm
Independence 4am-9pm
Tulsa 12am-
Des Peres 5am-10pm
Harlem Irving 12am-9pm
Tucson 6am-10pm
Freehold 12am-10pm
Hawthorne 5am-10pm
Fox Valley 4am-10pm
Canton 12am-10pm
Penn Square 12am-10pm
Castleton Square 4am-9pm
Greenwood 12am-9pm
Tempe 12am-10pm
Ontario 12am-10pm

Click here to get directions to our locations and if you can't bear to leave your cozy bed then shop online and get 20% on the entire site with code blackfriday. Happy shopping everyone!

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