Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fab Fit...Day: Organizing Your Grocery Guide

We've been hard at work on a few projects that we'll be unveiling soon and we can't wait to show you! Sadly, we tend to lose track of time and forget to do certain things like laundry, eat lunch, oh and post our Fab Fit Friday post on Friday :/

I think this post from Taralynn is perfect for us given our forgetfulness lol. In fact I'll be giving this a try today otherwise who knows if I'll even remember I need groceries :)

Don't forget to check out Taralynn's Tumblr, Undressed Skeleton and follow her on Twitter for more tips!

Organizing Your Grocery Guide 

Every week I like to make a grocery list, that way I don't find myself constantly running to the grocery store. Here are Ten easy ways to organize your grocery list for the week!

  1. Use several colors to categorize.
  2. On one side create a daily menu.
  3. On the other side write down the ingredients you need for those recipes.
  4. Make note of leftovers, so you don't over purchase items. 
  5. After you create your grocery list browse the internet for coupons.
  6. Make circles or boxes to check off when you are shopping
  7. Try to categorize your items by aisles to make it much easier to shop. I used colors to categorize mine, sometimes I use sections. 
  8. Make your grocery list in the kitchen, that way you know what you have already.
  9. Don't make your grocery list on an empty stomach!
  10. Don't grocery shop on an empty stomach!

Creating your own meals helps you know exactly what you are eating and allows you to make healthier choices. It also save es you so much more in the long run, because fast food and eating out at restaurants can rob your bank! 

If you do give this list a try please post a link to it here or post it on our Tumblr page! We'd love to see.

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