Monday, November 28, 2011

Must Shop Monday: Cyber Monday!

This week we're going to pause Must Read Monday. I'm sorry but after Thursday I entered a food coma which was followed by prepping for the biggest shopping season. Oh Holidays...I love you but man oh man do you wear me out! Now I have nothing but respect for people that go out on Black Friday to get awesome deals but me, I'm more of a Cyber Monday girl. I sign up for e-mails for my friend's favorite stores--please notice I said my friend's fav stores not mine lol (coincidentally sign up for Windsor e-mails here) that way I can see what type of deals those stores are running. I write out a list of what I need and who I need to shop for. I get my coffee ready and let my fingers do the shopping. Now most stores will either have a discount code or automatic savings. Windsor's code is cybermonday and it applies to e-very-thing all day today. Now today is probably too late to sign-up for e-mails but I am going to let you in on my not so secret shopping tip. Head on over to and type in the name of the store you want to shop at and it will spit out any available coupons. Be wary the majority of these coupons are user submitted so some may be fake so make sure to mark the little red x to let the other shoppers to not waste their time on it.Lat tip is be aware of the return policy when shopping online. Most stores edit their normal return policy for the holidays but make sure that you aren't buying something that you may need to return or exchange from a web store with a rigid or short return policy. Now enough reading and go get some presents and don't forget to get something for yourself ;)

Tell us if you have any Cyber Monday shopping tips in the comments!

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