Friday, December 23, 2011

Fab Fit Friday: Healthy Holiday Appetizer

So it's the time of the year that we can't hardly wait for! It's also the time of year many dread! This season my parents are throwing a huge holiday party at our house! They have decided to make all the foods healthy! Tomorrow I'm going to be up baking and preparing food with my mom all day! Here is one of the Party appetizers we are going to offer!

Shrimp Sandwich Poppers!
All it is, is Romaine lettuce, Shrimp, Chow Mein Noodles and Village Hearth bread!

  • 1Tbsp Chow Mein Noodles
  • 4 Medium Cooked Shrimp
  • Pieces of Romaine Lettuce
  • 2 Slices Village Earth Bread

70 Calories 13g Carbs 9g Protein 1g Fat

Make sure to check out Taralynn's Tumblr, Undressed Skeleton and follow her on Twitter for more awesome tips!

1 comment:

  1. New!! hummm...looks awesome!! I've got a new blog (ver very new) and trying to be healthier , fitter, and happier! :)



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