Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fab Friday Fun: Fit Friday Forgets

TGIF, doesn't always apply when you are SUPER busy. Saturdays can be just as hectic as Mondays, and this definitely applied for me yesterday!

Fridays are my favorite days to get a great work out in before the weekend, because most likely my weekends will be spent relaxing on the couch!

Yesterday I spent the entire day baking, cleaning, shopping, crafting, ect. I had absolutely no time to work out! After I sat down on the couch around 11pm I felt more exhausted than after an intense workout. So I did a little research, I realized that my 7 hours of baking, 2 hours of shopping, 2 hours of crafting, and 4 hours of cleaning burnt around 1300 calories according to Just because you aren't "working out" doesn't mean you aren't burning those calories! The days you are super busy don't feel bad if you can't fit in a work out, because most likely you have worked off more than a usual trip to the gym! If you continue to eat healthy and stay active you will be in great shape! Mentally and Physically!

While I was baking I made sure that I had a very healthy breakfast to prevent me from eating scraps of cookie dough and other food. I also kept a bowl of healthy snacks by me at all times, If I felt the urge to eat then I grabbed the bowl of snack sand ate anything I wanted. In my snack bowl I had blueberries, an apple, almonds, dates, a fig, and Kiwi.

 For the Winter Wonderland Party we are having tonight there will be many people! The desert table is full of temptations and that is why I have to keep healthy snacks around at all times. Today we are working on the party food : Mac and Cheese, Little Smokies, and Tossed Salad.....Can you guess which one I am indulging in :)

Have a great weekend and I will make sure to post pictures of the party Sunday!

<3 Taralynn

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