Monday, December 19, 2011

***Closed***Must Win Monday: Liquid Leggings!

Told you we'd be having more giveaways :)

In the comments below please tell me how you would wear these liquid leggings by choosing items from We'll select a winner using on Friday 12/23/2011. Good luck everyone!

Gah! We totally spaced on posting the winner this week. So sorry about that! I blame the holidays and prom prepping because we lost track of time this week. Finally here is the winner!

Murrbrown congratulations! Please e-mail us your mailing info to Congrats again and sorry for the delay!


  1. I would wear your Black/Gold Sequin Leopard Top, Black Round Toe Wedges, Black Faceted Beads Bracelet, Black Rhinestone Spike Ring, and Black Wire Hoop Earrings

  2. I am in desperate need of these beauties...desperate! I would wear these babies with the Khaki Lace Top, Cognac Distressed jacket, the cut out bootie, and the Burnt Gold Tribal Necklace...I would probably try to get away with wearing them to work...haha I am also in love with the black wool cape...that makes it business attire right? Love you guys!


  3. I would wear these bottoms with your purple oversized chiffon collar shirt with a black distressed faux leather jacket black velvet wedges and metal necklace , tiger ring, feather multi color earrings great for a night look or any look :)

  4. I would wear these with a a cute chiffon tunic

    earrings of course!

    wrap my scarf up like a little pancho
    using this belt:

    add some cute boots

    thats assuming that its a nice warm night and i'm heading to dinner then the club in LA! :)

  5. one of these:

  6. I've been looking for a pair of these leggings for so long, I need them!

    a fringed tank top
    lace up combat boots
    scarf for the holiday season
    studded bracelet
    gray purse
    leather jacket

    These leggings are out there and edgy. I think these items give it the look they need.

  7. I'd wear those with your Black Seamless Fish Net Tunic and some Velvet Ankle Boots :)

  8. I would wear these wonderful leggings with the Leopard Print Two Pocket Chiffon Collar Shirt and the Black Velvet Bow heels! Thanks!

  9. If I knew this was happening I would've entered :O Those are pretty.

    Castle Fashion

  10. i sent in an email but haven't heard a response yet :( i can't wait to rock them!:)



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