Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three Way Thursday: Handbag Edition

Spring is coming! Ok well maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself but I ge excited when I get to see new styles come out. Working at the Windsor corporate offices let's me sneak a peak at the new items coming in and let me tell you that it's brutal waiting for some of the things to come in. When I first saw these three bag samples I knew I had to have them. I think these three bags are different enought to have you covered for what's left of Winter and into Spring.

Skull Handbag $34.90
The first bag might be my favorite. I love the tiered effect and the tassels. It's perfect for going out and tossing a few things in without having to carry too many things. I love the fact that it's a cross body bag too so don't have to carry it as a shoulder bag.

Satchel: $36.90
This bag is a little bigger but it still ahs some edge thanks to the stud detail. I love that it's roomy enough to carry out shopping without being bulky. Plus I love the whole doctor satchel shape.

Satchel: $32.90

This last bag is perfect for work. I tend to be a pack rat when it comes to work and I carry a moleskin notebook, my planner, 2 phones (yes 2 phones!), my make-up bag, my wallet and little receipt bag, my kindle, pens, pencils, highlighters, my iPod, and goodness know's what else. This bag carries it all without making me look like I carry my life in my purse. Plus I don't have to worry about anything falling out and the neutral color goes with everything!

Are you a purse girl like me? Tell me which bag is your fav and what you carry that's a little nutso in the comments!

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