Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Way Thursday: The Perfect Red Dress

Red Dress: $39.90
We're back (finally)! I know we took longer than expected to start shooting again but we're back on track. We won't bore you with details and we'll get right into the post. We're trying a different look so tell us what you think. We're listening.

1. The first look is perfect for going out to after work cocktail/dinner. It's so chic and simple but the gold accessories make the color really pop. We replaced the bow belt that comes with the dress with a little gold skinny belt to bring the whole look together. It's dressy enough to go out but it's still something that you could have worn during the day.

2. The second look brings two of my favorite color combos. Sometimes black and red can make you look like a sunburned bumble bee but not in this case. I love the shoes in this outfit and the fact that the bows on them totally compliment the bow on the belt.


3. The third look is perfection for the office! I love the black and red and the hints of leopard in the accessories. In some cases red and leopard can equal death but in this case this combo equals chic-ness. Not even sure if that's a word but I'm making it one.


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