Monday, February 27, 2012

Must Review Monday: Oscar's and Oscar's After Party 2012

Is it just me or did the Oscar's red carpet kinda underwhelm this year. Don't get me wrong, I think people looked great but there just wasn't anything that blew my mind away you know? To be perfectly honest with you, I enjoyed the looks from the after parties a little more than the red carpet BUT just like any good fashion store we feel obliged to pick our fav looks of the night. All in all (awkward leg pose and all) Angelina Jolie looked fantastic. I mean at this point she's actually kinda dull since she's not carrying around vials of blood. I kinda wished she'd do something crazier than Brad's hair...By the way, are you following her right leg on Twitter? Yeah how about that? Her right leg has more followers than us. Our question is, how does her left leg feel about not being quite as great as its counterpart hmm?

I'm not sure about the rosette detail on Stacy Keibler's dress but I love the fabric. Its definitely a hard color to pull off. Maybe I'm wrong but being the palest pale person in Cali I think this dress wouldn't look great on me but someone with her tan complexion looks like a little Oscar statue herself. Leslie Mann's dress is simple yet perfect. The beading is done perfectly and the cut is great on her. Cameron Diaz, in my opinion, looks best in color but this dress is so gorgeous and her hair is growing on me. I love the color on Maria Menounos dress and that cut is flattering on everyone. It also looks quite comfy. No worries about a nip slip or not being able to eat in that dress, no siree. I had to include Giuliana Rancic because we are all such huge fans of hers. The girl can do no wrong, ok she can but we turn a blind eye. In this case she did it all right thought. She certainly looked like a star on the red carpet don't you think?

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Like I said I kinda prefer the after party looks. I know that Dita Von Teese's dress is a little low cut BUT I think the detail is gorgeous don't you? You guys know I am a HUGE fan of Revenge and I just had to include Emily VanCamp because she always looks so poised. I loved the length of the dress too. Sofia Vergara can bring the va va voom to any color and she shows that curvy girls can certainly rock the white dress. Cutouts are a huge trend and of course our fav girl, Nina Dobrev, knew to rock the trend (side note her best accessory of the night was Ian Somerhalder don't you agree lol). Selena Gomez looks like a Hollywood starlet and the detail on her dress is exquisite and Kate Bosworth's dress looks simple but the beading is so amazing and I love that she managed to wear a dress that touches on the sheer without going over the top.

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Now you tell me who you think was the best dressed of the night and if we could recreate any of these dresses for prom or homecoming 2012 which dresses should we recreate? If you want to see more looks to pick your favs head on over to our Facebook page for all the highlights!

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