Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday: Sometimes You Just Need a Little Glitter

Via Pinterest

Ok, first of all kudos to me because the sun is still out and I managed to get the post up! Join me in woo hoo-ing! Second, ever feel like your day is a little blah. Not that there is anything wrong with your day it just seems to be rushing by and you're getting everything done but it feels, I don't know, off? All I can think about to describe this feeling is ennui. Well, you know what snaps me right out of that feeling? Sparkles! That's why today's post is inspired by the one thing that always makes me feel better because its just simply pretty, glitter!

I'm very fond of this palette because if there ever was something that should be a color its's glitter. Plus, my second favorite color for Spring and Summer is turquoise (first place goes to coral).


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