Monday, March 19, 2012

Must Shop Monday: City by Windsor

I love all the clothes we carry at Windsor I REALLY do! I mean I couldn't work here if I didn't honestly love them. As much as I love our clothes (I have the bank account statements that prove it) I was so excited to hear that we were getting a more contemporary line! We've only gotten a few pieces in and I already want them all. I want to think of City by Windsor as the older sister to some of our departments. Alot (ok the majority) of our clothes are junior's clothing and although I love them and think they're amazing, I prefer to have a softer silhouette. I love that the City stuff is slightly longer without being frumpy and I love the subtle details that make the items special. I mean these shorts are so beyond adorable and you can totally dress them up or down.


The dresses are so special too. Although they are fairly simple, they can be styled SO many different ways. I think that's my favorite part of City by Windsor, its versatility. I love that the items can be worn together or with existing items in my closet. I love the fact that the items are polished but still reasonably priced. Pretty much I love it all.


There are so many items coming and I can't wait for you to see them! In the meantime go check out the items that just arrived! Which item is your fav?

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