Monday, March 12, 2012

Must Watch TV: Jane by Design

Via ABC Family

I'm a sucker for a good show that relates to fashion but at the same time I am very picky. Usually I get bored easily and tend to change the channel. I mean let's face it most fashion shows nowadays are reality tv shows and while I have to admit that I was as addicted as the next person with ANTM, Project Runway, The Rachel Zoe Project and so on, I suddenly felt like even reality tv shows got predictable. Now don't get me wrong. I still love those shows and Rachel Zoe will forever be my style icon. She can do no wrong. However, I was kinda bored with these shows and then Jane by Design happened. I should really have done the review on this show much sooner but I think since the mid season finale just happened last week this is as good a time as any.

What It's About:
Jane Quimby is a a high school student who, in trying to help her brother with the house finances by applying for an internship, gets hired as an assistant at a fashion house when she is confused for an adult. Far fetched, yes but hey its fashion. You wouldn't believe the things that go on behind the scenes in our offices. In the midst of all of this are three boys; Billy her BFF who of course is in love with her but doesn't know it, Nick (who I think is the cutest of the three) who is Jane's crush and Jeremy, the hot shot designer who starts to fall for Jane. There's also India who is the bad girl who I think isn't that bad (she's my fav character BTW) and who has the best clothes on the show (next to Jane of course).

Why you Should Watch It:
The fashion! Holy smokes the fashion is to die for. I am a skirt and dress girl all the way. The girlier the better. I love Jane's frilly skirts and I love that she mixes them with tougher accessories. I also love the fact that this show is about following your dreams and working hard. Yeah its not easy to make it in this industry and I have to be honest, I think I work for one of the nicest fashion companies out there because as far fetched as some of the story plots seem, some of the stuff does happen. It can get pretty ruthless but Jane manages to stay above all the drama and just do her job. She really is there to work and learn and help and that is why she consistently pulls through all her dilemmas. I honestly love the message that she sends about fashion not being what we, as retailers and designers dictate but the fact that fashion is something that should come from a consumer's demand. 

You should really check it out and you can actually catch all the episodes for free on the ABC Family website by click here. Let me know what you think and if there are any other shows I should be watching this season.

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