Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Way Thursday: Prom Dress Trends 2012 Edition

We're taking a little break from styling something three way to talk about our favorite subject ever...Prom! That's right, its that wonderful time of year where its ALL about dressing up....literally. This is like our Christmas because there are just so many dresses that we wish we could wear. We've been trying to convince everyone at work that we SO need a Windsor prom. Who better to test out the dresses right? Ok, I'm a little off topic so let me get back on track. This post is going to focus on three trends we've crazy about. If you pick any of these three trends you'll definitely rock your prom.

Blush Prom Dresses:

This may just be my favorite trend of the three I am going to talk about. I am a walking contradiction. I tend to stick to flats and my military boots but I wear them with a dress or skirt. Yeah, I am that girl. However, when it comes to dressy dresses the girlier the better and what's a girlier dress than a blush dress. I think blush prom dresses are much more wearable than pink dresses. I'm a beyond pale and you would think that a blush color would wash me out but nope not at all. If you're tan this makes you look even tanner and if you're pale it makes you look almost ethereal. Some of my favorite blush prom dresses are pictured below.

Blush Prom Dress: $184.90
Betsy: Blush Prom Dress: $99.90
Ingrid: Blush Prom Dress

Sequin Prom Dresses:

I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for anything sparkly. It's one of the many, many reasons why we love Carly Cristman as much as we do. No one can do sequins better than her. I think prom is the perfect time to bust out the sparkle. I mean its your last hurrah in High School. Why not walk in and stand out. Here are a few sequin prom dresses that will definitely accomplish that. 
Bronze Sequin Prom Dress: $59.90
Neon Prom Dresses:
The last trend is somewhat unexpected and I know it might be a little out there but neon prom dresses are everywhere! The color is definitely for the girl that wants to stand out. This long neon prom dress is so perfect. It's simple and the color is what stands out. 

Marilyn: Neon Pink Prom Dresses $179.90

If you think that a long neon prom dress might be too much, don't worry this short version is sweet and fun and the colors are bright without being overwhelming. Plush the shape of this dress is flattering on everyone!

Madonna: Neon Blue Prom Dresses $119.90

What type of dress are you looking for to wear to prom 2012?

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