Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fab Fit Friday: Update

As you may have noticed Fab Fit Friday posts haven't been posted in the last two weeks. We should have posted why from the get go but much like Taralynn, we've had a hectic couple of days. You know that means great things are coming for you. In the meantime we just wanted to give you guys an update to let you know what's going on and to let you know that Taralynn is back! Now on to Taralynn's post with an update on her life!

Little Things Can Make A Difference

Moving can be so stressful, especially when you only have two days to do it. Recently, I moved into my new apartment. The moving weekend seemed non stop! I woke up Friday morning at 6 am laid in bed for an hour drinking coffee and listening to the rain. An hour later the relaxing ended, the sun came out and it was time to get packing! 

I started with my clothes first. I didn't bother with boxing or bagging them. I just piled them on top and carried them to my car! It took me about 10 trips with a little laundry basket to pack all the clothes. I was ready to drive over to my new place to start hanging up clothes before I brought over the other stuff but unfortunately I lost my keys. I continued to get all the other little things ready to go. Finally I found my keys (in my car). After I lost my keys I lost my phone. (I would)

After I brought over all the little things it was around 8pm. I still had to drive 6 hours back to Iowa to grab the rest of my things from my parents house. I was so tired I piled a bunch of blankets on the floor and camped out in the living room. I decided I would wake up at 6am and make the drive then. 

After the long day of packing I realized I was so busy, the only thing I had eaten was a bowl of oatmeal. Forgetting to eat something was a mistake because I ended up getting late night pizza. If I would have snacked on healthy foods I wouldn't have been so hungry late in the night. The worst part is I went straight to bed after. Eating healthier would have given me more energy the next day. Going up 3 flights of stairs with all of my stuff helped out with the unhealthy option but my body would have ran better on more nutrients. 

Early the next morning I went to the grocery store and stocked my fridge with healthy foods. The day was about to be very long and having healthy options available would be a great convenience for my body. I left an hour later than planned but made it to Iowa just in time to meet my parents. 

For breakfast we stopped at subway and Jeremy brought me out a egg white and cheese muffin. It wasn't bad at all and definitely gave me a little more energy to drive. I was running on ZERO coffee, which is not like me. 

After loading all the stuff in the moving truck my parents took Jeremy and I out to lunch at Charlottes in North Liberty Iowa. I ordered the vegetable wrap. It had avocado, tomato, lettuce, Swiss, cucumber, and onion. I had an order of minestrone (my favorite soup) with it. 

Ten hours later we finally arrived back to our place. We unloaded everything from the moving truck and didn't get finished until 2 am. We are still living out of boxes and trying to get settled in slowly. 

As soon as all of my stuff is organized I'll be back to the baking and cooking again! 
It's funny how a little thing like forgetting to snack can cause you to eat unhealthy. 
Find out what the little mistakes are and fix them for a healthier lifestyle.

Check out more of Taralynn's posts on her Tumblr, Undressed Skeleton and follow her on Twitter for more great tips!

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