Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Here's to Moms!

Well friends it happened again. The week got away from us and the days are blurring together again. Seriously, where is the year going?!? How is it that it's May already. Before we knew we missed 2 posts! Can you believe it?

Okay enough of our excuses already. Let's get down to business. This week we are doing something different that was inspired by Emily's 5 Things posts on Cupcakes and Cashmere. Instead of using an item 3 ways, which will be back soon so don't panic, we are going to put the spotlight on three people, things, posts or whatever else our little hearts desire. This week we are focusing on Mom's. Shocking right?!?

Here's to the girls in our offices and stores that work 24/7 both here and at home:

I'm not a mom but I see how hard these girls work and I hear their stories and I seriously think they're like Super Woman or something because I have absolutely no idea how they manage to find the time to do everything they do. Just last week we had a mother's day shoot with two of our favs and they brought their kids in and some of us helped entertain them for just a few hours. I got home and crashed. Why is this such a shocker? Well because I am an insomniac who happens to have a horrible caffeine and red bull addiction. That day I had a venti coffee with an extra shot and 2 Red Bulls and I got home after work and I knocked out like I was on Nyquil or something. The girls got home to make dinner and play with their kids and reply to e-mails. We wish we could have had our photographer shoot everyone here who is a mom so you got to meet all of the fabulous mom's that work for Windsor but these two ladies are a great representation of our awesome team.

Here's to all our friends who are mom's who make us proud to know them:

This blog and this blog are little piece of fun, humor and reality. I happen to know Andrea since we went to high school together and I met Sydney after starting to work with her, gosh, over a year ago so forgive me for being a little biased when I say these girls rock! Seriously, how many of you have friends that you look at and think wow they're kinda awesome! I'm using them as a representation of all your friends who are mom's. I want to just say thank you to our friends who are moms for trying as hard as they do. See the thing is that I think sometimes we forget that as much as we want to hang out with our friends they also have much bigger things to fry (like say dinner for the kiddos) and as much as they may want to drop everything to just have fun sometimes they can't and you can't get upset about it. Now the reason I am using Andrea and Sydney here is because I look at their blogs and I am amazed at everything they do. Andrea's posts always make me think and laugh. Yep, she's that kind of awesome. She just did a post on the President's stance on Gay rights and she made me think of his stance in a whole different light. Seriously go read it here and tell her we sent you. Before that post she did a post on her little boy's birthday party. All I could think about after reading it  was how does she do it?!

via OC 'Burbs

Sydney, what can I say about Sydney other than she makes me wonder how she can manage to look so chic, be so funny and have one of the cutest little babies I've ever seen. Ah! That girl amazes me and again I say how does she do it?! Go and tell her we sent you and tell her hi and that she rocks! Trust us when we say that if you aren't addicted to her blog yet, you will be.

Via The Daybook

Last, but not least, here's to our mother's
Sadly, as much as I would want to, I can't add every single one of our mom's images here so just know that if we could we would. What can we say about our mom's that hasn't been said already. Thank you for waking up early every morning to get us to school, meetings, practice, the dentist. Thank you for always making sure we ate our veggies. Thank you for stopping whatever you were doing to take us to the store because we forgot that we had a food drive the next day for which we volunteered you to take dozens of soda bottles. Thank you for manning the booth at the Fiesta Fair for four years and not complaining that you have to be there at 5am until night time. Thank you for helping us find the perfect prom dress and getting it in spite of the price. Thank you for staying up with us until 3 am to finish the solar system project and waking us up at 7am with breakfast ready without a single complaint. Thank you for teaching us how to do laundry and not freaking out when we turned everything pink. Thank you for being cool about me blowing up the stove...twice.

I guess all we want to say is thank you for being the best mom's we could ask for. Seriously, go over to your mom right now and give her a hug and tell her thank you because she is the only one that will love you even when you are being a butt head and because we never say thank you enough and really they never even ask for it.

Every day we get calls from mom's at our offices and we are amazed at the lengths that moms will go to for their little girls to have the perfect dress for prom. Believe it or not hearing them on the phone makes us feel like we can't let them down and we try our hardest to help them find the perfect dress because they try their hardest. Really mom's are Super Hero's in our eyes.

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