Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 Way Thursday: Leggings Galore

Look 1: Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Celebrity Image via Fashion is My Drug

I have to say, I really love this look. Its very well put together and it's just comfortable and chic. Tell me that you wouldn't wear this out on day of errands, or to class, or to have lunch with your boo. I would! You can get all these pieces at of course, yours truly:! :)

1. Hand Bag // 2. Sweater // 3. Leggings // 4. Sunglasses // 5. Necklace // 6. Cross Bracelet // 

Look 2: Ashley Olsen

Celebrity Image via Fashion is My Drug

And another of my favorites! I would wear this any day. Its just something to throw on, to start your day comfortably with a touch of edgy and fierce.

1. Sunglasses // 2. Ring // 3. Earrings // 4. Top // 5. Jackets // 6. Leggings // 7. Handbag

Look 3: Olivia Palermo

Celebrity Image via Fashion is My Drug

This is a perfect outfit for the business fashionista. I definitely picture my boss wearing this! The great thing about this combination is that you would still look fabulous either with pumps or flats. Versatile, what more can we ask for?!

1. Handbag // 2. Bracelet // 3. Sunglasses // 4. Shoes // 5. Blazer // 6. Shirt // 7. Leggings

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