Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday: Cream Cheese Cookies

Via Pinterest//Recipe can be found here
We're suffering through a heat wave here in California but we're doing rain dances and snow dances to get Fall to actually get here. One of our favorite parts of the holidays is that we have some people in our office who are master bakers and the goodies they bring, well let's just say we're grateful that oversized sweaters are in style. We're dreaming of those baked goodies so it's no surprise that our inspiration comes from a baked item. This recipe looks SO good and we can't wait to try it. In the meantime we'll let it inspire our outfit. In case you're curious you can find the recipe here.

1. Clutch // 2. Watch // 3. Earrings // 4. Starfish // 5. Heels // 6. Top // 7. Skirt


  1. @BeBeKo We just updated the post and linked the original recipe. Let us know if you try it and how it worked out :)



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