Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Monday: Floral Decorations

Here's a very easy way to make your very own floral decorations. You can hang them, and you can even use them to decorate a present. You can pretty much use it any way you want it! Here's how:

 You will need: 1. Tissue Paper, 2. Thread, 3. Ribbon, 4. Scissors

 Fold the tissue paper into a small accordion-like way. The number of times you fold the paper will determine the size of the flower decoration. Once folded tie with a piece of thread through the middle.

 Cut off the ends in an oval shape.

 Tie a ribbon through the middle.

 Spread all the layers upwards until all layers are spread.

 Looking good!

The final step, hang your decorations how ever you like. Here we used them as office space decorations!

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