Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Music Festival Necessity: Sunnies

 As Coachella quickly approaches, my excitement continues to increase. I can't wait to see my favorite bands and bask in the sun. But most of all, I'm excited for my weekend outfits!

I need your help in deciding what to wear. This is serious business people...anything related to shopping is serious business to me!

First and foremost, one of my top Music Festival necessities is a fabulous pair of sunglasses! We have a ton of great sunnies right now and I’m having a hard time deciding which pair to rock at Coachella.  

Help a girl out and vote for which pair you would like to see me in! 

Vote via Facebook or Instagram!

(side note, how amazing is this denim jacket with faux leather sleeves?)

#2 Lennon Sunglasses (coming soon)

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