Friday, April 26, 2013

Trend Report: Shoes feat Cara of


Cara Loren is back with another trend report and this time she is showing yet another way to wear our black heels. This look is perfect for a day date with friends, heading into the office and so much more plus it's comfortable! How many ways could you wear these heels?

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trend Report feat Robyn of Cleverly Yours!

Hello again lovely Windsor readers! 

I am so excited to be be back for another week of fabulous Windsor fashion and this week is nothing less than that! I obviously fell head over heels in love with these pumps and the fact that they come in three different colors isn't even fair, because I always have to have them all! I did love the coral though and didn't have a difficult dressing them up (or down) with these not only super cute, but such comfy ripped jeans and added a little print mixing up top! I wish I would have shown off more of the floral wrap because the leather detail is to die for, but maybe that will be for next time ;)

Have a beautiful day!
cleverly, yours...

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coachella Style Diaries: Full Recap

So we're finally back from Coachella and ready to post a full style recap! Are you ready for the fashion?!

We had an absolute blast at Coachella and cannot believe how nice everyone was! Especially to two girls going up to random strangers asking them if we could take their pics. Thank you guys if you're reading this. You looked absolutely fabulous.

There were so many trends that have us beyond excited for Summer and you better believe that you will be seeing alot of those trends on the site soon. Some are up on the site already! Just head on over to our music festival lookbook to see what strikes your fancy.

Ok so lets' get down to business. First of all grunge is making quite a comeback! Between docs, cutoffs and flannels we felt like we stepped back in time for a second.

Today on Polyvore: Beach Basics

Beach Basics

Must Have: Spectrum Maxi Skirts

A spectrum of colors is what we see during the spring time. What more can we ask for, than for colorful maxi skirts! Maxi skirts are a MUST-HAVE. They're comfortable, fresh, and you don't have to worry about shaving your legs. That to me is a perfect reason to wear a maxi skirt! :) I don't know about you guys, but I will make sure to stock up on these, perfect for now and perfect for later.

Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY: Flower Crowns

DIY: Flower Crowns

With Coachella ending this weekend, we were left with much inspiration on trends that we saw there. The flower crown being one of the most prominent trends. It is never too late to wear your flower crowns, as there are many more music festivals ahead! This fun DIY will make you want every day to be music festival day! Have fun!

• Silk or fabric flowers
• Thin floral wire in green
• Thick rustic floral wire in brown
• Wire cutters
• Felt
• Scissors
• Glue gun and glue

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Take the thick rustic floral wire and create a loop for your head. Choose the best fit and size, then twist the ends to close the loop.

Step 2. Select the flowers you would like on your crown, and lay them out. This way you have an idea of how you want your crown to look.

Step 3. Pull the long stem off the flower, then cut the little stem behind the flower. This way it lays nicely on the crown.

Step 4. Cut a 1x1" square or circle from a felt sheet. As long as the square/circle of felt is smaller than the flower, you should be fine. The felt will be the foundation for the flower.

Step 5. Attach the felt square/circle with the glue gun to the back of the flower, then when dry glue onto the rustic wire.

Step 6. Once dried (about 3-5 minutes), you can add smaller flowers to fill in gaps (if any). Attach the smaller flowers by wrapping around the crown with the small floral wire. Add as many flowers as desired to create your ideal look.

Step 7. Enjoy your flower crown!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coachella Style Diaries: Day 2

Coachella Fashion
Dress will be up on the site next week!

Day 2 of Coachella was a success! We had a blast and we couldn't even feel the 97 degree weather. We walked around and ran into some awesome people and of course we snapped pics of some of our fav looks. The highlights of the night was definitely The Postal Service and Phoenix!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Coachella Style Diaries: Day 1


So we've arrived at Coachella and we wanted to do a little short recap of our day so far. We'll have a full style recap at the end of our trip but thought we'd get you excited with some pics. First of all Coachella is a blast! If you ever have the chance to go you should totally do it. The people are beyond nice and everyone is so cool and chill and just there to watch some good music. The fashion, oh the fashion. To me music festival fashion is a precursor to Summer fashion so it's nice to see the trends that we are going t be living in during the Summer. Below are a few images of people with awesome style. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see even more Coachella fun! Show us your Coachella style with #WindsorDoesCoachella

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fab Fit Friday: Six Ingredient Post Workout Face Mask!

Working out can make you, but break you when it comes to your skin. Never neglect your skin after a workout. Eating a healthy diet can improve your skin tremendously, unless you let sweat and dirt attack your pores. My skin always looks great in the summer. I eat more fresh fruit, vegetables, and absorb extra vitamin D. I like to workout outside in the heat for an extra sweat. In order to maintain my healthy skin, I have to cleanse it. 

 Try to remove your face makeup before working out. Your eye makeup won't make a huge different, but the powders or foundation can clog up those pores or irritate your skin. No one really cares what you look like working out, so don't focus on trying to get all cute. Unless Channing Tatum is in your body pump class. 

After my workout, I take a hot shower and use my face scrub to cleanse deep down in my pores. I use a white cloth to make sure all the make up and dirt is completely off my face. After I get out of the shower and dry off, I add my face mask. (2-3 times a week). I leave it on my face for 5-10  minutes. I remove my mask with cold water. The cold water closes my pores and protects it from future dirt and sweat. 

In a blender:

-2 Tbsps Almonds (use sliced almonds for easier blending)
The almonds exfoliate dead skin cells and help refine the tone of your skin. 
-1/2 Large Cucumber (peeled)
Cucumbers are perfect for your face in the morning or on your lunchtime workout. Going back to work or school with a red puffy face may be embarrassing  The cucumber restores your color and glow. If your face becomes inflamed after your workout, the cucumber juices will help reduce the inflammation. 

-1 Tbsp H
oneyLike the cucumber, honey also restores your color and reduces inflammation  Honey also restores the moisture in your skin. Honey kills bacteria helping your acne or breakouts. 
-1 Container Plain Greek Yogurt
Yogurt is perfect for controlling that greasy fog that attacks the face when you are wearing make up. The lactic acid in yogurt keeps your face hydrated and sheds dead skill cells faster. The faster your dead skin cells shed, the faster your skin can revitalize new kin cell grown.  
-1/2 Small BananaBananas are what keep your skin soft. Bananas are full of vitamins. Bananas play a huge role in evening out your natural skin tone.  
3 Tbsp Sea Salt
Sea salt exfoliates and scrubs all the dead skin cells off your face. If you have any tough spots on your face, the sea salt will help soften those areas. Sea salt absorbs toxins and unnatural chemicals from your face which gives your face a perfect detox. 
After blending all the ingredients together, keep in a closed container in your refrigerator. The face mask will last 7-10 days. This is the perfect gift for you girlfriends or for mothers day!

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