Friday, May 3, 2013

Fab Fit Friday: Budget Friendly Cinco de Mayo Appetizer

Cinco de Mayo is on Sunday. This holiday is celebrated by many people. I know there will be tons of backyard BBQs and late night fiestas! In this post, I am going to share a light, budget friendly, vegetarian and easy appetizer recipe. Mexican food can be hard to prepare and takes a lot of work. Hopefully this one can impress the guest without any kitchen stress.

All you will need is one bag of Galletas Cubanas, one container of plain non-fat Chobani yogurt (or any non-fat plain Greek yogurt), an all natural guacamole and a salsa that contains corn and black bean. Make sure your salsa does not contain sugar, high sodium or any unnatural ingredients.

There are a ton of holidays this month, so I wanted to make this recipe budget friendly. If you budget plan your recipes, there will be less stress in checkout line at the grocery store. 

Total Cost
Galletas Cubanas - $2.09 (only used 1/4 of bag) $0.52 used. 
Salsa, Bean/Corn -$3.49 (only used 3 1/4 servings) $0.70 used. 
Sabra Guac- $3.99 (only used 3 1/4 servings) $1.71 used
Chobani- $1.25 (used 6.5 servings) $0.50 usedTotal Cost of Appetizer: $3.43

I bought all of these items at our local grocery store. If you have time and want to prepare your own black bean & corn salsa, here is my recipe
If you cannot find the crackers, you can always use a whole grain wheat cracker instead. Make sure to look in the ethnic food aisle. 

Top each cracker with a half tbsp of Greek yogurt. Try to put most of the yogurt on one side of the cracker to leave room for the guacamole. 

Top the other side of the cracker with a half tbsp of guacamole. If you can't find a natural guacamole in the store, here is a recipe for my homemade guacamole

Next, top the cracker with a half tbsp of salsa. You will have a lot of ingredients leftover that you can use for other dishes. 

Nutrition : Calories 43 Calories, 0.9 g Fat, 36 mg Sodium, 2.8 g Carbs, .3 g Fiber, .5 g Sugar, 1.5 g Protein (Per Cracker)
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