Friday, May 10, 2013

Fab Fit Friday: Fitness Fuel and a Work Out!

Fitness Friday is certainly taking place this morning. I started my day with a well rounded breakfast and a kick-butt workout with my mom. Wednesday night, Jeremy and I took off from Georgia for an 18 hour road trip to surprise our mom's for mother's day weekend. Working out with my mom is a great way to spend time with her and always a blast. She does the silliest things when we workout! My abs get an extra workout with all the laughs. 

To fit in protein, I made a protein shake for the both of us. I got my mom hooked on these as well. I always send her containers of protein powder. 

This morning's smoothie:

Ingredients: one cup tropical blend frozen fruit, one packet Truvia, one cup spinach, one cup water, one cup, one scoop vanilla protein powder, one cup ice, one small peach. 

-Blend all ingredients together, but do not add spinach yet. 

-Poor smoothie into a glass. 
-Add spinach to blender with the leftover smoothie. 
-Blend together.
-Top smoothie with the spinach layer. 

You don't have to make two layers, but it makes it cute for serving. My mom appreciated the touch :)

To give us energy for our workout, we had a slice of whole grain bread with pumpkin butter, walnuts, and ground flax seed. I am officially hooked on pumpkin butter. Everyone has been pressuring me to give it a try. I finally found it at a plantation in Georgia and bought it. I'm so happy I did. It tastes like pumpkin pie in a spread but so much healthier. My dad is also crazy over it. 

Today's Workout: 

3 Mile Run (10 minute miles), 20 minute ab focus, 15 minute weight lifting (arms) 

Don't forget to fit in fitness and healthy fuel this Friday! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Check back later for a Mother's Day gift tutorial. 

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