Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY: Studs on Everything

Studs on clothing is a continuing trend that has lingered for a while now. There is no sign of it coming to and end anytime soon. This DIY is a great way to personalize your stuff, not only that, but it's a fun and creative way to enjoy your nothing-to-do type afternoons. You must try it at least once!

Here's the low down, you will need:
  • Plain clothing (t-shirts, denim jeans, skirts, shorts, shoes, handbags, bracelets, hats, anything!)
  • Studs/spikes that are either pronged or screw back type. (Screw-back are more secure)
  • Awl to make holes

1. If using studs/spikes with prongs:
  • Decide what pattern you want on your article of clothing, mark that spot lightly with pencil.
  • Pierce through the fabric with the prongs, if fabric is sturdy use an awl to pierce through.
  • Once prongs are in, bend prongs inward.
  • Repeat process for as many studs/spikes you will use.
2. If using screw-back studs/spikes:
  • Decide what pattern you want, mark spot lightly with pencil.
  • Pierce through fabric with awl. Make hole big enough for screw to fit.
  • Put the screw in through the inside of clothing article.
  • Place the top part (stud/spike) and top of the screw, and screw to secure.
  • Repeat process for as many studs/spikes you will use.

If you do try this DIY, comment below and show us your pictures! We would love to see your works of art! :)

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