Thursday, August 8, 2013

Special Feature: Cleverly, Yours Does Cali!

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Hello lovely Windsor readers! This week instead of doing a trend report I am reporting on my weekend in Cali and talking about a few of my favorite things we did while we were there. We stayed by the Santa Monica Pier and by Venice Beach and we absolutely loved the area! I could honestly move there if it were my choice! The weather was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a prettier view!

Of all the fun things we did, my favorite was possibly just beach cruising along the pier. There is nothing better than just riding along the beach with nowhere to be! We didn't have a lot planned which really worked out for the better because we were able to just pick and choose what we wanted to do and took our sweet time getting there! The beach cruisers were a must if you are staying close to the beach! Since traffic is always busy, especially to and from the beach we just rode the beach cruisers everywhere! Santa Monica was one of my favorite cities in Cali that I have been to so far! It had a laid back feel of "Cali livin'" but all the hustle and bustle of a city and GREAT shopping! (obviously something I was concerned about ;) )

Another one of my favorite things was heading into LA for the day and seeing the stars on Holllywood Blvd. and then heading up to the Griffith Observatory and seeing the city from afar. This was such a cool place and we got a few of my favorite pictures while at the Observatory! We also headed over to Rodeo Drive this day (which was a must see on my list!) and walked around and shopped for a little bit. It was definitely glamorous and fun to see! 

Lastly, one thing we know how to do right is EAT! We had some of thee most amazing meals I've had in a while on this trip! Another one of my favorite spots in Venice Beach is Abbot Kinney, which is apparently, from what we were told, one of the "hippest" places in LA at the moment (don't quote me on that ;) ) But if I have ever seen a "hipster" type place, this was it! Some of the trendiest shopping and amazing eateries! Apparently the hottest and trendiest at the moment is Gjelina's which completely lived up to everything everyone talked it up to be! Amazing food, atmosphere, and definitely an experience! 
Another favorite spot that we ate at was called The Griddle in LA where we went to have brunch. It was one of those completely random places that we "accidentally" stumbled upon and hadn't heard a thing about, but ended up being one of my favorite meals and the best french toast I think I've ever had!

For any of you planning on going to this area or visiting anytime soon, these are definitely a few things I would recommend! We had such a fun time and are already planning our next trip back!!

Cleverly, yours...
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