Friday, January 10, 2014

The Nail Files by Yaya

An Easy Update to Your Plain Mani.

The tools you’ll need to give your manicure an updo are scissors, painters tape, base polish, light color polish, darker color polish and a top coat. I used Sally Hansen, Hard as Wraps for my base, Sinful Colors in Glass Pink for my light color, Nicole by OPI in Deeply in Love for my darker color and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (this is the best fast drying top coat I have ever used!)

First you want to start with clean hands and nails. I find it much easier to give myself a mani right after a shower. My hands and nails are clean as a whistle and I’m able to clean/push back my cuticles. Once your hands are clean, you want to apply a thin layer of your base coat.

Then apply a thin layer of your light color nail polish on your entire nail. Let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Now for the part that will make a difference to that plain mani you’ve been sporting, cut tape in small squares. You’ll need a total of 14 squares for this specific style. Place a piece of tape on your nail to tape off the area you don’t want painted. For my thumb, index and pinky I placed the tape in a diamond shape at the bottom of my nail covering only a small section. For my middle finger and ring finger I decided to paint them opposite from my other fingers. Here I used two pieces of tape for each finger to make a v-shape of the small area I was painting. 

Then paint your nails with a darker polish. Be careful not to get it all over your fingers, especially when you are using rich dark colors because it makes the cleaning process much more difficult. Once painted, remove the tape before the polish dries. The sooner you can remove the tape, the easier it will be. If you have semi dried polish, it might pull and stretch the polish and you’ll end up with a mess. You must be careful during this process because your nails are still wet. 

Once your dark nail polish has nearly dried, top it off with your favorite top coat. And ta-da, you’re DONE!

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