Monday, March 31, 2014

MUST HAVE: The 2-Way Sweater

First things first, you NEED this sweater in your life! Now, how do you wear a reversible sweater you ask? Many ways! Here we you show 2 easy ways. The first way is wearing it as a sweater with bright-contrasting color pants, its perfect for this spring time. You can also always pair the sweater with your favorite distressed jeans and some simple single-sole strappy heels. The second way is to wear the sweater as a cardigan. Here we paired it with a simple tee and with a fresh black and white floral skater skirt: very modern and chic. Don't pass on this comfortable, functional, and most of all chic piece!

Look 2:  White Knit Zip Back Sweater // Black Basic Tank // Black/White Jacquard Skater Skirt // Black Metal Bar Skinny Belt // 3-Row Arrow Stone Necklace // Black Double Zipper Handbag // Black Pointy Toe Cut-Out Heels

Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Spring Dresses

Spring is in full swing and you need to add some season-appropriate colors and patterns to your wardrobe! You can choose from icy mint to peachy coral, and geometric prints to floral. You can also go from short to maxi - our ultimate favorite is of course, the maxi! However the very awesome part about short spring dresses is that you can always add-on a cute blazer or a denim/moto jacket for transitioning from a day look to a night one! Every dress is a winner! :) Which dress would you wear from day to night?

Click here for more Spring Dresses!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

TRY THE TREND: Fanny Packs

Check out how these girls styled their fanny packs! 

The Nail Files by Yaya: Prom Nails

Prom is here! Let's celebrate with glitter nail tips to match your prom dress. They're easy to create. Just follow these four very easy steps and your nails will be one of your many perfect accessories.

  • Step One: Base coat. I used a base coat with a slight hint of white because I used a brighter nail shade and wanted it to really pop. 
  • Step Two: Any solid color. You can match your dress or if you want it to really pop use a complimentary shade. 
  • Step Three: Add glitter. Start at the very tip of the nail and move inward towards your cuticles. It should look like a glitter ombre. 
  • Final Step: Top it with your favorite top coat. Easy as one, two, three.......four.

My Inspiration

The Result

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Style Council: Lingerie Pieces as Outerwear!

By Donyale Walker

Style icons such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have been seen wearing slips, bustiers, and lacey clothing all over.  Lingerie-inspired looks that are made to be seen are emerging in all runways.

Here are some ways to wear lingerie inspired pieces outside the bedroom.

Outfit #1: Festival Look
Pair your favorite slip lace dress with a floral kimono and caged booties to give it a total bohemian look. Don’t forget your fringe cross body bag!

Outfit #2: Spring Fever
Going out with your girlfriends right after work? Pair your lingerie inspired lace shorts with your favorite bright crop top to go with your fashion forward blazer!

Outfit #3: Mint Condition
Grab your mint lace shorts with your go to sheer top and pair this with your nude ankle straps. Simple & classy! 

Outfit #4: Neutral Instincts
Who says you can’t go neutral with lace inspired pieces? Pair your neutral lace shorts with a simply black cami, and white blazer. Just don’t forget… it’s all in the accessories! Statement gold necklace, Chanel inspired black quilted bag, and nude ankle straps!

Outfit #5: Color Blocking in the Spring
Start your spring off by color blocking the fresh and bold way. Pair your blush lace dress with a mint blazer and statement necklace. Fashionable & effortless.

Today, the concept of mixing seems to be bolder and bigger than ever! It’s validating the trend of lingerie as outerwear. You can grab any of these looks at any local Windsor!

Meet our Model - Sonam!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SXSW Fashion Recap

With South By Southwest, kicking off a few weeks ago (and making it ok to finally bust out those cut offs)... we are now officially in Music Festival Season! That means Coachella and Stage Coach are coming up and most importantly festival fashion is back in!

Sifting through all the SXSW street style images, I came across: lots of black and white, crochet, crop tops, denim shorts, aviators (and all different cool sunglasses), floppy hats, remnants of the 90s, rompers/jumpsuits, lots of bracelets and tribal jewelry!

Also get inspired by our Music Festival Lookbook!

images via


images via

#sxsw street style via Elle Magazine - absolutely LOVE this look!


Lollapalooza Peace Love Shea outfit inspo
images via

Monday, March 24, 2014

Get the Look: Vanessa Hudgens

Get the Look: Vanessa Hudgens

Scoop neck top


Yellow gold jewelry


BLACK eyewear

Black Double Zipper Handbag

Black Basic Turban

Coachella Tips

Coachella 2014

Coachella 2013 was the first time Windsor attended this awesome event. We had a blast and met a ton of fun people and we have some tips for you! We'll be at Coachella 2014 as well and we have some fun things coming up so make sure you follow our Instagram to see what we're up to! Below are some things we thought might be good for you to know:

  • Drink TONS of water
  • Put on sunscreen/sunblock religiously. Nothing can ruin your fun like a massive sun burn
  • You can only bring empty water bottles into the venue. Leave your Red Bulls and other drinks at home unless you can chug them in seconds 
  • Bring comfy shoes. Yes, you want to look cute in your outfit but there is ALOT of walking around in dirt so if you are wearing sandals make sure you know what to expect. Lots of stepped on toes. Boots or slip ons are going to be my footwear of choice but I'll probably bring these as well. I am a Windsor girl after all ;)
  • Bring a simple thin scarf. It fits nicely into a small bag and it can keep you warm since it does cool at night. Last year walking back to the shuttles to go home kicked up alot of dirt and the scarf helped filter some of that dirt. 
  • Bring sunnies and a hat. The sun can be brutal.
  • Some people recommend backpacks but I prefer a cross body because it's not as in your way when you're running around or dancing. I am excited about the pseudo fanny packs we just got in!
  • Save your phone battery and limit your social media usage. Yes, it's cool to have some Instagram shots but reception is beyond spotty and it kills your phone plus you're there to have fun and watch awesome sets and not your phone screen. Post sparingly. You don't want to be spammy
  • Have a set meeting place with your friends just in case you get separated AND your phone does die
  • Bring cash. ATM fees suck and losing a few dollars is better than worrying about losing your credit card and unauthorized charges.
  • Be warned the porta potties run out of TP so stashing some in your purse may be geeky but it can be a life saver
  • If you're legal and are going to drink save it for later in the day. The heat and beer do not make a good combo. Plus you'll have to drink IN the beer garden which is away from the stages and you don't want to miss the fun. Stay hydrated!
  • Know the acts you know you don't want to miss because, sadly, you will miss some acts
  • Know that you will have a pretty long wait at the first checkpoint. Just chill and don't get grumpy. Know that you're in for a blast
  • There's a little bar place inside with AC. Just in case you need a heat break. 
  • Did we mention drink lots of water?
Need some more tips? Check out the FAQs from

Friday, March 21, 2014

10 Essentials You Need in Your Wardrobe

By Donyale Walker

It is very tempting to buy the latest trends every season, however having these ten items in your closet at all times will help you mix and match to any trend that comes.  I have tracked down 10 essential items you need all year long here at your local Windsor store!

A black blazer is the perfect investment piece. Its timeless, and you can dress it up with a matching pair of trousers and your favorite dressy top, or dress it down with a pair of denim and a screen tee.
Depending on what style you prefer (V-neck or round neck) this is a central piece to your wardrobe. Worn under a blazer to dress it up or by itself with a statement necklace, the white tee is always an essential you need in your wardrobe. 

A quick and easy way to look stylish and comfortable at the same time! Everyone looks great in skinny denim so invest in a dark pair to go through all seasons. 

This item is a crucial part of every season, so its best to get a neutral color one to go with everything so you’ll always have a reason to wear it!

The nude pump brings a level of sophisticated chic to any daytime or nighttime outfit. And the best part of this pump? Nude makes your legs look longer. Score!
The black clutch goes with any and everything. Pick a clutch that can hold everything you need for the day/night. A quilted black clutch screams chic!

What time is it? Its time for you to get a watch! Go for a timeless watch, preferably gold and something that you will wear all the time. A great investment!

Yes I said it, a little black midi. Midi dresses are here to stay, so why not make it your go to black dress? A well fitting dress of good quality can be worn to nearly any occasion.

The basic black pencil skirt has been an essential for years, but lets now transition to a sexier more up to date skirt. The black pleather skirt is the sexier version that wants to come out and play. Pair with your favorite white tee to dress it down or with your black blazer to dress it up.

Now for the spice. The obvious answer… its all in the accessories! Invest in a perfect statement gold necklace that goes with anything! This accessory is the key to show your fashion individuality.


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