Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Diary of a Bride to Be: Dresses, Tacos and Photos!

This month I felt very productive, like I've made a lot of progress! But, for some reason my to do list doesn't feel like it's gotten smaller! I'm definitely learning, planning a wedding is A LOT of work... it has become my part time job! I'm having a lot of fun along the way and getting more excited, as everything is coming together.

1. Try on Wedding Dresses- check (but keep on looking!!!)

Surprisingly, this made me very nervous! I was scared nothing would look good on me or I wouldn't find exactly what I was imagining. I did find a few dresses that looked amazing on. Most importantly, I narrowed down what styles fit me best! I Still haven't found THE dress, so the hunt continues...

2. Engagement Shoot- check 

I actually wasn't going to do an engagement shoot, because we are really not into those cheesy lovey dovey photos... BUT one of my good friends, who happens to be an amazing photographer, offered to shoot us! So we had to say yes! It was a great experience and good practice for my Fiance to be in front of the camera! He hates taking pictures, but was such a good sport.

3. Find the Caterer and Taste Testing- yum and check

HELLO!? My favorite part, eating! We want a casual fun reception, so we decided on fresh grilled tacos! We met with our taco grilling man and he fed us well! We tried chicken, carne asada, and el pastor tacos plus civeche. They were DELISH and we were immediately sold...I cannot wait until that dinner!

4. Book the Photographer- check

This was also a very tough decision for me, since photography and working on photo shoots is my job! I want to make sure I have the right photographer for our wedding. Even though I know numerous photographers, I didn't want to go with one of my friends... for one, I want them to be a guest at my wedding  and secondly, I can see myself being a bit of Bridezilla, when it comes to the photos. I wouldn't want to torture any of my friends with that.

So I went with this guy and I'm so excited to work with him and see what he comes up with for our wedding...

On the to do list for next month... FIND A DRESS!!!! Any suggestions!?

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