Monday, March 17, 2014

Mel's Munchies: Banana Cream "Pie"

Banana Cream “Pie”
Who doesn’t like pie?! My favorite is Banana Cream! Here is a super easy recipe that tastes VERY close to the real deal and has a fraction of the calories. It’s a win win!
Ingredients: 1 Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt – Banana Cream Flavor (you can also use banana pudding – it’s just a little higher in calories), 1 ripe banana, a couple graham crackers, & whip cream (optional). This is for an individual serving, so you’ll need to double or triple up if you want to make more than one.

Empty the container of yogurt into a small bowl. 

Set the yogurt aside and slice the banana. 

Next, arrange the slices of banana on top of the yogurt. You can use half of the banana or the whole thing if you like. 

Next, you’ll need to crush the graham crackers for sprinkling. I used one full graham cracker sheet. If you want bigger chunks of graham crackers, you can simply use your hands to crush them. I wanted mine a little finer so I put the graham cracker in a small zip lock back, closed it, and used the bottom of the whip cream can to crush them. 

Use the crushed graham crackers to sprinkle over the top of the yogurt and bananas. 

Now top it off with a small dollop of whip cream, and voila! You’ve got banana cream “pie” without the calories.  

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