Monday, April 7, 2014

Coachella Cravings: Music Overload!

Coachella Weekend 1 is T-Minus 4 days away! I'm so excited... but what am I going to wear!?!?!? That's a whole different story...

This years lineup is insane! I'm so excited for so many bands and really hope I can fit them all in to my schedule! Here's a few bands on the top of my Must See list!

1. MS MR

I've been obsessed with this band since I heard 'Hurricane'... their album is addicting!

2. Kid Cudi

I'm so exited Kid Cudi is going to be there... I feel like it's a been a while since I've heard from him! And do we for see a little collab with MGMT??? Crossing my fingers

3. Poolside

Poolside is my go to feel good and relax music! I see myself chilling on the grass enjoying their tunes!

4. AFI

OMG this band takes me back to high school, when I thought I was SO cool blasting AFI in my car! Can't wait to hear them live, they are going to be crazy and so is the crowd! 

Side note: My man met a few of the band members about 4 years ago, so now I can rub it in his face that I'm going to see them live! Woohoo!

5. Fatboy Slim

And of course, can't wait to take it way back with with Fatboy Slim!! Who remembers this awesome music video?!

Who are you stoked to see live at Coachella??

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