Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Diary of a Bride to Be: Saying yes to the dress and more!

1. Say YES to the Dress- check (ahhhhhhhhh can I just wear it NOW!?)

This was difficult, since I have such a vivid imagination. I found a dress online that was exactly what I was envisioning... tried it on (by myself, on my lunch break) and thought it was the one! So I searched high and low, all over the internet for my size and a cheaper version! I ended up finding it for cheaper in San Diego, so I met my Mom out there, along with one of my Bridesmaids, to try it on and get it! My Mom ended up getting there before us and picked out a few dresses for me to try on. I decided to leave THE dress for the grand finally and tried on the first one my Mom picked out. It fit perfectly! I walked out and my Mom's face lit up! It felt like everyone was staring at me (in a good way)... I looked in the mirror and felt gorgeous! The dress fit me amazing, I looked small in all the right areas and felt like a magical blooming flower (perfect for our garden-esque wedding). It was definitely a jaw dropping dress and I said YES!!

2.Pick Out Wedding Colors (or lack there of in my case)- check!

I am not a color person at all. I like basics and neutrals! So of course our wedding palette is very neutral, natural and muted with just a pop of yellow! I took a trip to Home Depot and hand picked the palette using paint swatches!

3. Will You Be My Bridesmaid?- check!!

I have some amazing friends and I wanted to make sure they felt as special, as they make me feel! So I put together a cute little gift box to ask them to be my Bridesmaids/Brides-man! I love how they came out... and everyone said Yes!

4. Send Out 'Save The Dates'- check

My Fiance is a graphic designer, so of course he has to do all the design. He worked really hard on these custom vintage Palm Springs postcard, save-the-dates. I'm so happy with how they came out and in the mail they go!

5. Go See the Venue- check, check... Uhm I should just move to Palm Springs!

We/me have been to Palm Springs SO many times... I might as well get a place out there! I just love spending time at our venue and walking the grounds! We did a walk through with our wedding coordinator and decided on the layout and flow of the events. I'm even more excited about the big day/weekend now!

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