Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Style Council: Windsor Employee Spotlight @Chanel_Clean_Eating

Q&A with a Clean Eater 

Store Manager: Chanel Quintero 
Ontario, CA 

What are some things that motivate you?
Chanel: I'm definitely motivated by success and will do what it takes to have those ending results. Of course not everything in life goes that way but you have to be happy with the outcome of what you as an individual have worked hard for. If you are not then it’s a matter of making some adjustments so that you can be happy.

How did you get started on a clean eating lifestyle?
Chanel: In order to have received my Bachelor's Degree in 2012 I had to complete a senior project for my class and spent 60 days clean eating to show the health benefits and ending results. I was able to produce a huge presentation and homemade video thanks to the awesome outcome. That was the start of a whole new journey for me.

When did you first start seeing results?
Chanel: Results were almost instant! Within the first 30 days people were already asking me what I was doing. With that said I was extremely proud to share with them.

How has clean eating affected you every day performance at work and in daily life?
Chanel: Clean eating has affected my everyday in the most positive way I could have ever imagined. With being the store manager of one of the higher volume stores in the company there really is no time to be tired or not feel well. I now have the energy and high immune system that I have always envied in other people. With eating nutritional foods that fuel my body I don’t stop until I'm in bed at night.

How helpful or beneficial has a support system in this journey?
Chanel: Having a positive support system around me has been crucial to my overall success. My husband has been my #1 supporter and eats the clean foods with me or pulls me to the gym with him when I don't want to go. We love meal prepping together and always say "A happy couple is a healthy couple".

What are some words of advice you would give to anyone looking to join this lifestyle?
Chanel: For those that don't know where to start I was in that same mental state too. You as an individual have to really want it because no one can make you do this. It's not easy and takes time to become a lifestyle. Start small and work your way up. Pack your lunches and snacks everyday, replace sugary drinks with lemon water, and start doing low intensity cardio sessions 20 minutes a day until your ready to progress. Trust me that's an amazing start!

Be honest, have you cheated on eating right?
Chanel: I'm not going to beat around the bush because yes I do enjoy my cheat meals but now they are in moderation.  Frozen yogurt and Sushi are my definite top choices. I think it's crucial to treat yourself and listen to your cravings. I'm not doing this for other people or to be "skinny", I'm doing this because I am on a personal journey to reach optimal health. It's not a diet it’s my lifestyle. 

Thank you so much @Chanel_Clean_Eating

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