Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Diary of a Bride to Be: Ceremony, Cupcakes and Flowers!

Time is tick, tick, ticking and of course, I'm busier then ever trying to find time to plan this wedding of mine! This last month consisted of a lot of traveling some for work and some for wedding. My in laws visited the venue in Palm Springs with us, I was back and fourth to Palm Springs multiple times and...my head just might explode!

Me and the Mom's at our venue

We can't get enough of this place

The essential break time by the pool

1. Don't forget about the ceremony- Check!!!

Weddings can really turn into big expensive parties (I'm so excited to party!)... but it's good to stay grounded and remember what the wedding is really all about. Making a life long commitment to your partner! My fiance and I want our wedding to really represent us and be meaningful. So, I've been researching different ceremony readings and boy is it more complicated than you would think! Here's a little blurb of something we might use:

'May you be blessed with love. May your admiration, appreciation and understanding of each other foster a love that is passionate, tranquil and real. May this love between you be strong and enduring, and bring peace into your lives.'

Reading up on wedding ceremony ideas

2. Bakery and desserts- Check (hello chocolate-coma)

Instead opting for one big huge fancy cake, we decided to do cute little cupcakes for our dessert! That means cupcake tasting... hello sugar, delicious-ness overload!

Red velvet, chocolate salted peanut butter, chocolate cheesecake... this is ridiculous

3. Bouquets, boutonnieres and flowers galore- siiigh check

I've never been so into flowers since I started wedding planning! I've been treating myself to a new little bushel of flowers every week, from my local Trader Joe's. Which has started to form my inspiration for our wedding arraignments! I'm obsessed with the organic look, lot's of greenery, wildflowers and little pops of color.

A little Trader Joe's arraignment I put together

My bouquet inspiration
Love all the white and mixture of simple flowers

There is a lot going on next month, so stay posted for what's next on my list of, To Do's!

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