Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fashion Philosophy

Do you have fashion muses? If so, who or what vibe is that appeals to you most?
I don't have any fashion muses, but if I had to say, I would say my mom. She had such a cool effortless style when she was younger. I actually have some of her old clutches and silver jewelry that I love.

What vibe appeals to me?  
That's a good question...I tend to gravitate towards earthy colors which in turn pushes me towards the bohemian and contemporary vibe. I love how the bohemian trend is so natural and flowy. I like the wild hair, the earthy prints, the layering and how the clothes are so free spirited and easy to wear. A lot of the contemporary looks correlate with the bohemian look in terms of color and ease that comes with that look. I also tend to like classic white tops and denim together with a pop of some cute pumps to add a little wow factor to the outfit.  

Is there a fashion "dream" item that you would splurge on if budget was unlimited?
Designer boots!! I love boots... all types of boots. From cowboy boots to over the knee boots. I love wearing boots all year round from fall through summer. There is something so effortless about boots and how organic they look with denim and dresses.

What is your prediction for 2014 fashion must haves?
I have a few...I think this year will be a big crochet year. From accents to all over in tops, bottoms and dresses. Denim!! We saw the comeback of jean jackets and vests last year, but this year we'll see more in overalls, shorts and jeans from light washes to acid washes.
Rompers and jumpsuits will be big this summer, but not only in the casual look that we're all used to but also the more tailored dressy looks that we can wear out to dinner or drinks.  

Cynthia's Favorite Windsor Pieces

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