Wednesday, May 14, 2014

STYLE COUNCIL: American Flag Trend

By Lorissa S. 
To wear American flag, or not to wear American flag…is the real question.
And here at Windsor, we say YESSS!

We are absolutely loving the American Flag trend, whether it is bold or subtle!

Outfit 1:  Top //  Denim // Bag // Shoes
Outfit 2:  Sweater // Skort // Necklace // Boots
Outfit 3:  Scarf // Top // Necklace // Denim // Shoes

If you’re not too sure about jumping on this trend, try outfit 1 or 3!

Outfit 1: The Red, White, and Blue fringe cross-body is perfect for those summer nights and fitting enough items in for a night out. The fringe also adds a little pizzazz and it will get you tons of compliments :) 
TIP: Keep your outfit simple when wearing this bag and make this your statement piece like shown.

If you want to jump all the way into the trend, try this bold sweater featured in outfit 2!

Outfit 2:  We paired this American Flag sweater with an infamous skort!....(yes we said skort.) We love mixing statement pieces together and absolutely had to try these two items together…who would've  thought that they would look so great!? You can also pair this sweater with your favorite destroyed jeans or shorts, throw on a gold chain necklace, and head out the door for an effortless look!

Outfit 3:  We paired this American Flag print scarf with a turquoise necklace to add a little something extra to the outfit (other than the scarf of course). What we love about the scarf is that its red, grey and blue, so its not like every other American flag scarf you see out there.  Another cool thing about it is that when you open it up, it really looks like an American Flag!
TIP: Try wearing necklaces with scarves more often, it will spice up any outfit!

We want to urge you ladies to step out of your comfort zone with clothes and try a trend that may not be something you gravitate towards.  You can do it bold or subtle like we did, but it never hurts to try something new…you just might fall in love with it! :)

Until Next Time,

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