Saturday, May 10, 2014

Style Council: Talk Derby to Me!

by Andrea Lozano

The Kentucky Derby was on May 3, 2014 and the Kentucky Oaks was the day before Derby. These events are one of the biggest horse races in the United States. Like I said in my earlier blog post, this is an event where the whole town shuts down. They go as far as cancelling school that day for the races. This event is where the women wear their “Sunday’s best”. There are many bright, spring colors that are seen at the races. Paisley print, florals, and polka dots are a couple popular prints, but here is what Windsor had to offer!
Ivory Floral Print Maxi  |  Mint Floral Babydoll Dress
These ladies are ready to go to the Kentucky Oaks! The Kentucky Oaks is more for the locals of Louisville. The Kentucky Oaks is affiliated with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and it is encouraged to incorporate pink in your outfit. 

  • The second outfit is so cute! Just in case it gets cold, you can wear this dress with a blazer or take it off when it gets hot. The mint and hot pink coordinate very well with one another. Both these outfits can even be worn at either events.

Ivory Crochet Sleeveless Dress  |  Peach/Navy/Taupe Colorblock Dress
These next two looks are perfect for the Derby. There are a lot of different styles and silhouettes that are seen there. What would you wear to the Kentucky Derby?

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