Friday, May 30, 2014

The Nail Files by Yaya: Glitter Feathers

Drawing feathers on your nails can be tricky if you second guess yourself. You don't need to worry about messing up something so simple. Anything can be easily fixed just by thinking creatively. You will see the white side of the feather isn't so perfect so I added glitter to ease the mess I created. Items I used to create this look are: base coat, light shade of pink polish, black polish, white polish, glitter polish and top coat. My black, white and glitter polishes come with a stripper brush.

Step 1: Base coat 
Step 2: Base color
Step 3: Draw a line using a stripper
Step 4: Draw smaller lines connecting to the center line
Step 5: Repeat on opposite side 
Step 6 (optional): Add glitter
Step 7: Apply top coat

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