Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Diary of a Bride to Be: Working Out, Rings and Tunes

T- Minus 3 Months to go. Am I freaking out? Just a little! This is what I'm currently working on:

1. Getting that Wedding & Honeymoon Body- check!

I am SO NOT the gym kind and to be honest, I really don't like working out! I've tried everything (at least it feels like it) and nothing seems to stick! Until I tried Pop Physique... a location recently opened by my house and I've been going for a few months. I LOVE it! It definitely helps that my fiance is noticing a change!

2. Wedding Band Shopping- check

We ventured out to a few jewelry stores so my fiance could try on rings and see what he likes. Joel is completely NOT a jewelry person, so it was interesting to see how he liked everything. And let me tell you, seeing a ring on his finger definitely made me fall a little more in love!

3. DIY it- working on it slowly!

We are really trying to make everything very personalized and unique. Plus, we are on a budget! So I've been slowly starting to DIY... our invites, centerpieces, etc. I also found this great site with really affordable supplies:!
Spray paint glass bottles white

Wooden signs

3. Lights, camera... MUSIC- check!

Music and dancing will be a big part of the evening! My fiance and I, along with our friends and family have been collecting songs to play on our big day! From get down on the dance floor to romantic slow jams, music is a big part of the evening. We just booked our DJ... so check out some of our must hear tunes!

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