Thursday, June 12, 2014

FFF: 4th of July Patriotic S’More Pops!

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It’s hard to believe that July is just around the corner! The summer has finally begun and I have a feeling it’s going to be a fast one! The 4th is one of my favorite holidays. Not only because of the fireworks, but all of the fun bbq’s and get-togethers! I am a huge sucker for grilled food, s’mores and juicy watermelon which makes an appearance at most 4th of July parties.

I was on Pinterest the other day, just like most women. I came across these adorable s’more pops and fell in love. These are from Jan’s blog, Mixing Bowl Kids! If you haven’t check out her blog yet, you really should! She has some great ideas. I wanted to use her concept and put a little spin on them for the fourth!

Ingredients & Supplies:
*Campfire marshmallows (I chose the JUMBO ones) *red, white, & blue candy melts, *1 package of cinnamon graham crackers, *Wilton cake pop sticks.
If you are not a fan of colored candy melts, or cannot find them, you can just buy white chocolate or dark chocolate for dipping and add patriotic sprinkles on top with the graham crackers!  You don’t even have to use the 4th of July colors, you can decorate these for any occasion. Maybe a sports team, a birthday party, or just whatever is on sale! Have fun with it. 
PicMonkey Collage

There is no particular order for the melts. I chose to do white first and then blue so I wouldn’t have to scrub out the melting pot until the red.
-Melt the candy melts on medium heat over the stove until it’s completely smooth.
-Use a spoon or knife to drizzle the chocolate over the marshmallow.
**After drizzling the white over the marshmallows, they kind of looked like mummies! These would be cute to make for halloween and add huge eyeballs! 
PicMonkey Cojllage

-I didn’t bother cleaning the white chocolate out of the melting pot. I went ahead and dumped the blue candy melts into the pot and let them melt!
-I drizzled the blue chocolate over the white and placed them back onto the plate.
PicMonkey Collahge

-Make sure you clean out the melting pot before adding the red. You’ll end up with purple…(just incase you didn’t pay attention in art class;)
-Drizzle the red chocolate over the blue!
-Crush the graham crackers as small as you’d like. I left mine a bit chunky.

Do not roll the marshmallows into the graham crackers or the chocolate will smear. Dab each side until you coat them to your preference.

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