Friday, June 27, 2014

Kick Off the Weekend with our Tops Buyer Kim!

As a young girl my grandmother and I would go on “dates”, as we liked to call them. We would go shopping or to the movies, always stopping along the way to grab breakfast or lunch. I grew to cherish and look forward to this special girl time with her, as I had very little girl time of my own. I grew up with three brothers who only liked sports, watching television, and eating. So, being able to hang with my grandmother gave me that time to just be a girl and talk about girl things. As I grew older, went off to college, and moved out on my own, our “dates” became less and less.

So, you can imagine my excitement when my grandmother asked me to go shopping with her just recently. After sharing the news and excitement of my engagement with my grandmother, the next thing out of her mouth was, “We need to go shopping!” She wanted to give me a gift, or a memento, to always have to remember my special engagement.
This is what I wore our little date.
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Not only was I excited to spend some quality time with my grandmother, I also felt really special. It would be just like the old days, with the two of us shopping and lunching together.

We planned to meet for breakfast and then go shopping. At breakfast we laughed and reminisced about our past “dates”. Then we were off to Neiman Marcus to check out the jewelry. After browsing for a while and trying on a few pieces, we decided to move on and check out Barney’s. Barney’s had equally beautiful jewelry, but nothing caught my eye. I was feeling so overwhelmed with all the choices and options, we decided to take a break and stop for lunch. We ate at the newly remodeled La Brea bakery. After refueling our bodies, we decided to check out the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles. Since I hadn't seen anything I was excited about at Neiman Marcus or Barney’s, my grandmother suggested we have a piece of jewelry made for me. This way I would get exactly what I wanted. After exploring the jewelry district for a bit, we met with a jeweler and put an order in for a white topaz ring.

It was an amazing day filled with lots of fun, laughter, and memories. Now, not only will I have a memento to remember my special engagement, but I will always remember my amazing grandmother and our date together.

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