Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Style Council: The Price is Right

For A Fashionista on a Budget 

The Basic Fashionista

Need a simple and basic "go to" outfit for any hot summer day? Our basics are the easiest pieces to choose from for that last minute trip to the beach or a movie night with some girlfriends. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, these must have basic crop tops are very affordable for that basic fashionista. They range anywhere from $6.90-$9.90. What a great buy! For that price, it will be hard not to own them in all the colors and styles. In addition, these basic crops are also easy to pair with almost anything like our denim high waisted shorts, another basic must have in my opinion for every fashionista. These trendy high waisted shorts are available in different washes such as the light, dark and the very popular acid wash. These affordable shorts are also available in all Windsor locations for only $19.90. So for that basic fashionista on a tight budget, you've got yourself a cute and affordable outfit with these two basic items for only less than $30.

Got a few more bucks to spend? For those last minute trendy ideas for that typical fashionista, throw own a kimono over a tunic and you're ready to go. You can get this specific outfit for less than $50! Kimonos are a must have this season. It's a perfect add on to any simple dress or tunic to dress it up a little more. Styles vary from a simple ivory lace kimono to bright colored floral kimonos perfect for that simple tunic you have hanging in your closet. These trendy kimonos are very affordable with prices starting at $14.90.  Aside from maxi dresses this season, tunics are also trending this season. They can be worn paired with bottoms and are even long enough to be worn by itself. Dress it up or down with that perfect kimono and some floral espadrilles. These tunics are a needed addition to your closet and only range anywhere from $22.90-$29.90. So if you're the typical fashionista with a few more bucks to spend than a basic fashionista, with your tunic, kimono and flats you just built yourself a perfect summer outfit for less than $50.

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